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Dana Pool is the official distributor of Maytronics in Russia. It was founded in 2009.

The basic lines of activities of Dana Pool are:
• Delivery and wholesale of Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaning and expendable materials to them;
• Delivery and wholesale of Oxineo water disinfection systems for swimming pools;
• Realization of advertising support for Maytronics’ s production.

Dolphin Technical Service

Advantages of a Dana Pool

In the bellow chart you will found list of Advatages and Disadvantages of the 5 most common pool cleaning methods. The facts will speak for themselves.

Dolphin Dana Robotic Pool Cleaners
+ Autonomous "Plug & Play", no pre-installation, no connections to pool systems.
+ Low voltage power supply (24 V in the pool).
+ Systematic scanning and cleaning.
+ Cleans pools floor, walls and waterline.
+ Scrubs and brushes - remove and prevent accumulation of algae and bacteria.
+ Ultra fine self-contained internal filter bag.
+ Helps to reduce chemical use.
+ Reduces Backwash significantly.
+ Strong & effective warranty support.
- Relatively expensive.
- Requires filter bag cleaning.
Dolphin Wave Dolphin Wave Dolphin Dana 1

Manual Cleaning
Manual Cleaning
Suction Cleaners
Suction Cleaners
Pressure Cleaners
Pressure Cleaners
In Floor System
In Floor System