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Residential Dolphin Pool Cleaning

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Dolphin Dana 2x2 Pro Gyro


Heavy duty pool cleaner for commercial pools.
Cleans pool floor, walls and waterline.
Recommended for large commercial pools up to
50m. in length.

Cycle time 4/6/8 hours
Cable Length 40 m. + swivel (prevents cable tangling)
Filter Bag porosity Ultra fine Micronic filtration
Suction rate 32m³ per hour, 10,168 Imp. Gal.
Motor unit voltage 24 VDC
Power supply IP 54 Output less than 30 VDC

• Advanced software ensures systematic cleaning and optimal pool coverage.
• User-friendly remote control for manual navigation and programmable command. Adjustable parameters and cleaning
programs – Cycle time, Pool length, Climbing frequency and Regular or Ultraclean.
• Powerful suction and sweeping, evenly disperses chlorine and other chemicals in the pool and helps to eliminate algae and germs.
• Two large self contained ultra fine micronic filter bags collects dirt, debris and even fine dust particles.
• Power supply with clogged filter bag indicator ensures ongoing cleaning efficiency.
• Patented swivel prevents cable tangling.
• Low voltage – low energy consumption.

Dana Pool Advantages


100% Automatic and intelligent scanning Brushing gyro
Swivel Remote
Power Supply
+ Filter Bag

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