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Residential Dolphin Pool Cleaning

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Dolphin Wave


Recommended for Olympic-sized and large commercial pools - from 25 metres up to water park larg size pools.

The most cost-effective machine on the market.

Cycle time 1-8 hours / 3h for 25 m. pools / 5h for
50 m. pools
Suction rate 40 m3 / per hour
Suction width 700 mm.
Cable length 43 m. + swivel (prevents cable tangling)
Unit weight 25 Kg
Unit dimensions W 70 x L 58 x H 30 cm.

• Intelligent navigation system ensures thorough coverage of every pool type and
shape in minimum time.
• Active brushing system with high speed rotating brushes specially designed.
to brush, scrub and remove dirt and algae from the pool floor, slopes, edges and
• High filtration capacity and super suction power of 40 m3/ hr.
• User friendly top access to two large filter bags.
• 3 types of filtration options covers all cleaning demand from spring cleaning to
normal ongoing maintenance.
MMI (Maytronics Machine Interface)
• An interactive state-of-the-art digital MMI user-friendly control panel enabling.
full control of: Cycle time, Operation delay, Scanning mode, Full filter bag.
indication and data download option for remote support (USB port).
• Remote control for manual manoeuvering.
• Self-entry and submersion into the pool.
• Overload-detection mechanism for self protection. Designed for long-lasting, safe operation at a low voltage of 38 volts.
• Robust, heavy-duty design to meet the tough demands of daily use in commercial pools.

Dana Pool Advantages


Active Brushing 100% Automatic
and intelligent scanning
Digital Control Panel
Control Unit
Swivel gyro

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