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Residential Dolphin Pool Cleaning

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Dolphin Dana 1


The robot cleaner swimming pool DANA 1 is designed for Maytronics ensure you a pleasant stay in a clean and transparent pool.
Recommended for pools up to 10 meters in length.

Cycle time 3:00
Cable Length 18 m. + swivel (prevents cable tangling)
The porosity of the filter Fine filtration
Suction power 16m ³ / hr
Power of motor block 24 VDC
Power unit Digital switch mode 100-250 IP 54

Using DANA 1 in your pool:
• Reduces waste water and electricity.
• Prevents growth of algae and bacteria.
• Reduces the need for frequent replacement of water
• Brush cleaning and filtering the entire basin area for just 3 hours.
• Powerful cleaning.
• Self-priming internal filter that collects dirt and debri.
• Stand-alone system that does not require pre-installation and connected to the system pool.
• autoprogrammable for optimal scanning.
• Lightweight and easy to use.
• "Do-It-Yourself - Easy to maintain.
• Support for Storage.
• The rotating cable prevents tangling.
• Low voltage - low power consumption.
• Automatic shut-off at the end of cycle.
• A mechanism for avoiding obstacles.
• Suitable for beach type swimming pools.

Dana Pool Advantages


Brushing Floor & Cove
100% Automatic and intelligent scanning DIY
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