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Residential Dolphin Pool Cleaning

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Dolphin Dana 3


Recommended for pools up to 12 meters in length.

Cycle time 2/3/4 hours
Cable Length 18 m. + swivel (prevents cable tangling)
Bag Filter Porosity of the bag filter provides ultra-thin micron filtration
Absorption rate 16m ³ / hr
Motor voltage 24 volta/150 Watt

• Clear brush and filter the entire pool floor, walls and water line.
• Ototret, vacuum and help prevent the buildup of algae and bacteria.
• Patented swivel prevents cable tangling.
• Wireless remote control offers a choice of manual (stick) or automatic operation.
• Remote control also provides for selection of multiple cleaning programs and parameters: the length of the pool, cycle duration, frequency of travel on the walls, special cleaning floors and pool waterline.
• Bag filter ultrafine purification collects dirt, debris and even dust particles.
• Twin engine with improved properties provides flexibility and precise work
• Patented filter clogging indicator provides a constant cleaning efficiency.

Dana Pool Advantages


Brushing water Line Cleaning DIY
Do it yourself
Remote Control Unit 100% Automatic and intelligent scanning Full bag
indicator on power supply

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